How to Flash firmware to convert your board into CavyIoT-DevBoard

Step by step guide on how to flash firmware over the internet

CavyIoT firmware converts your hardware (NodeMCU, ESP8266 and WeMos D1 R1) to CavyIoT-DevBoard

Flashing firmware in NodeMCU

  1. In the Arduino IDE, navigate to File > Examples > CavyIoTdevelopmentBoard-master > ESP8266-httpupdate and open this example sketch.

  2. Then select board and COM port properly. (NodeMCU is selected in this example)

  3. Before uploading ESP8266-httpupdate.ino sketch you need to replace Wi-Fi SSID and Password with your own. After Done Uploading open serial monitor (Baudrate:9600,Both NL & CR) and Reset the NodeMCU and wait for 2 minutes to complete flashing. You will see output on serial monitor as shown below:

Congratulations! Your CavyIoT-DevBoard is ready to use.

Testing Demo

  1. To test Dev-Board and to see how it works with remote control panel, connect four LED to NodeMCU(CavyIoT-DevBoard) as below.

  2. Open serial monitor and try typing the following commands, into the top area of the Serial Monitor that is level with the 'Send' button.
  3. <ShowDemo(WiFiSSID, WiFiPassword, CavyIoT-username,CavyIoT-password, Device-name)>

    Replace Wi-FiSSID, Wi-Fi Password, CavyIoT username, Password and Device Name with your own credentials.

  4. After sending command with correct credentials CavyIoT-DevBoard will try to connect to your wifi and will start sending random values for dummy sensors to cavyIoT server. And start receiving Control Signals from Control Panel with default Button Lables as shown below:

  5. Now You can control this Dev-Board from anywhere,anytime! Log in to your account and operate Control Panel.
    and try to..
    Turn ON/OFF LED with the help of buttons.
    Change the mode of operation (ie from 'AUTO' to 'MANUAL') and a lot.
    You will see the output on serial monitor changes, the state of LED connected changes, and live charts and gauges for sensor data!

  6. Click Here for more command reference for Dev-Board.
  7. Click Here to know more about control panel.

Learn more about CavyIoT-DevBoard

Click here to download CavyIoT-DevBoard PDF file.

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  1. If you have troubles in flashing firmware check your wifi connectivity or internet connection.
  2. Check your Wi-Fi SSID and Password is correct.
  3. Make sure you selected board and COM port properly.

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