How to interface CavyIoT-DevBoard with Arduino UNO

Step by step guide for intefacing with Arduino

Connection details for interfacing

  1. Make connection as below.

  2. In the Arduino IDE, navigate to File > Examples > CavyIoTdevelopmentBoard-master > CavyIoTdashboard and open this example sketch.

  3. Then select board and COM port properly. (Arduino-UNO is selected in this example)

  4. Before uploading CavyIoTdashboard.ino sketch you need to replace Wi-Fi SSID and Password with your own. After Done Uploading open serial monitor (Baudrate:9600,Both NL & CR) and Reset the Arduino UNO and wait for a while. You will see output on serial monitor as shown below:

Congratulations! Your Arduino UNO is successfully interfacing with CavyIoT-DevBoard.

Now Login and to to CavyIoT Control Panel and Enjoy CavyIoT!

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  1. If you have troubles check your wifi connectivity or internet connection.
  2. Check your Wi-Fi SSID and Password is correct.
  3. Make sure you selected Arduino UNO board and COM port properly.
  4. Check your connections.
  5. Try resetting Arduino UNO.