About Us

Cavyiot is a product and service based company having a single product as well as an independent service related to it. The company has a unique product which works on IoT technology which can be used in agricultural, industrial, home automation purposes. Cavyiot has a unique product which can be used in various fields where automation is required. Cavyiot has its own server which can be used to integrate the product remotely from any location. The company has provided security to the servers to make the user data more intact and secured. The company provides the facility of using its product and its server as a package as well as for developers it gives facility of making their own product and using cavyiot's server to run the automation process. This company has its own uniqueness, the company provides customizable making of sensors which means the customer can describe the use and the company will make customized sensors according to the customer’s needs. It has its own unique way of making its customer happy. The company is started in the year 2019 with a sole purpose of reducing the efforts of any work and making it easy by using automation. So the company focused more on remote and easy automation process with the help of IoT technology which makes it easy for their end customers use the product and service.

Cavyiot is started in the year 2019 with two people having a strong desire to do something which will bring ease in working of people and organisations. Cavyiot has the vision of developing a single product with multiple uses in the field of iot which can be used for multiple purposes. The main aim of the company is to reach out to various people in various fields and to solve their problems with the help of our unique product and unique way of solving problems. In today's world , there is technological solution for mostly everything we have come up with a unique solution to variety of fields which will make their work easy and less complex. Cavyiot is a reliable Iot solution which is suitable for every field where automation is needed.