Getting Started with CavyIoT (using HTTP RESTful APIs)

Here is what you need to Get Started

CavyIoT account

Sign up for an CavyIoT account to get access to all CavyIoT services.

A Smartphone or Laptop

Any smartphone, laptop or desktop having Internet connectivity to monitor data and controlling your IoT device. Also for uploading example sketches and flashing firmwares to IoT Hardware through Laptop or Desktop.

IoT Hardware

We recommend NodeMCU, ESP8266 or WeMos D1 R1 for calling HTTP API resources.

Softwares and Internet connection

Recommended softwares is Arduino IDE. Internet Connection is to connect your hardware to the Internet.

Get started in Five minutes


Activate IoT

Verify your E-mail address provided to us while registering with CavyIoT. After verifying your E-mail address Demo device will be created automatically to your account. You can add upto 5 Devices to your CavyIoT account.


Get device API-Key

API-Key authenticate requests to CavyIoT. Every request sent to CavyIoT requires a API-key and it is unique for each Device in your account that authorizes requests sent to CavyIoT.


Work with RESTful APIs

Work with CavyIoT RESTful APIs in your programming environment, and try our example codes from this documentation. Examples for ESP8266


Enjoy! and Dictate your IoT device

After your hardware is connected to our server spend some time learning CavyIoT basics. It will help you to easily build new projects or integrate CavyIoT into your existing project.

Activate IoT

Highly customizable control panel with unique features:

    ...and much more

Create New Account with CavyIoT

    Account is needed to save your projects, sensor data to CavyIoT cloud and provide access from any smartphone you have.

    Create Account

    *Use valid email address for account verification.

Verify email address to Activate IoT

    Verify your email address to activate IoT and get demo device ready for your IoT project. Furthermore for experimenting you can add up to five devices totally free. To add device, you only have to select menu Setting - Add device and enter device name of your choice and select timezone according to your location and save, after which, you can see details of all the devices in your client area.

Device credentials

    Don't forget your CavyIoT Username, Password.

    We use this credentials for fetching device list with API-key.

Get device API-Key

    You can check API-key of all the devices in Client Area section after login.

    To get the API-key programatically you need to make an GET call. Go to reference-

Congratulations! Welcome to the Internet Of Things with CavyIoT.